Jewelry Services in Bellevue

Watch and Jewelry Repair in Bellevue

Jewelry Repair

Bring in your damaged jewelry or broken watches and we are happy to get them back in working order. Whether it is a broken chain that needs to be soldered, or a cluster ring thats missing a stone. If it's fixable, we will fix it!

Watch batteries will be replaced

Ring Sizing

Most of our rings are easy to size.  We can usually have them sized and ready to wear within a week.  Some rings are harder to size and can only be sized one or two sizes.  Some rings with stones or designs that go all the way around a ring are difficult to size. 

Placement of diamonds or gemstones usually determines how many sizes the ring can go up or down.  We do our best to work with you to make sure your ring fits perfectly. 

Independent Appraisals

We offer independent appraisals for customers needing them for insurance purposes or simply wanting an evaluation of their jewelry in writing from an independent, non partisan source.  We also offer in-house appraisals that are usually good for insurance purposes and are less expensive.  Additionally we offer free verbal appraisals. 

Free Cleaning

We love our customers and are thrilled when they come in to visit us and keep us updated on their life's adventures.  So we decided to offer free jewelry cleaning for all of our customers, no appointment needed! Stop by and someone in the store will be happy to clean up your jewelry to keep you and your diamonds looking fabulous.

Jewelry Customization

Do you have any jewelry that was passed down to you that you love, but wish it was just a little more modern?   Or, maybe you love the setting of your engagement ring but want to upgrade the diamond (or visa-versa), we can do that too!  Our expert jewelry designers work with you so that you can realize your vision and create a unique work of art.