For any reason you may have, we have the instant cash for you.  No loan is too small or too big.  We're conveniently located in Downtown Bellevue with free parking right in front.  We loan on fine jewelry no matter the age or the condition.  A great alternative to selling your fine jewelry is a loan from Bellevue's most trusted jewelry only pawn shop for over 25 years.
Customers are often surprised that we loan on jewelry because we look like a jewelry store not a pawn shop. In Washington State, pawns or collateralized loans, are 90 days with the interest rate regulated by state law. You may pick up your collateral at any time during the loan period by paying back the principal and the interest. You may also extend a loan beyond the 90 day period by rewriting the loan and paying the interest when it comes due. These are quick and easy loans.
Jewelry Loans: In need of extra cash? Who isn't?  Instead of getting a payday loan where your credit is checked and possibly hurt in the process, try pawning some of your jewelry that is either just sitting in your safety deposit box or taking up space in your jewelry box.
What to expect: Our loan process is straight-forward, simple and convenient; and only takes a few minutes to complete.  We strive to uphold the highest quality of customer service to make all our customers feel secure and comfortable about the loan process. All you need is a government issued photo ID.  No credit check is required… simply leave with cash in hand!
How it works: Loans are written for a 90 day term. Interest rates are set by Washington state law.  After 90 days has passed, you can either pay back the loan and pick up your item, or renew the loan for another 90 days.
Q:  How does a pawn loan work? 
A:  Bring in your jewelry so we can do a market analysis of your items.  We can then give you an idea of the amount we can loan.  Loans are 90 days and can be extended by paying the interest each 90 day period.
Q:  What is an extension? 
A:  90 days after you have received a loan it will come due.  At that time you can rewrite the loan for another 90 day period by paying the accrued interest.
Q:  Will I lose my merchandise? 
A:  Our goal is not to get your jewelry.  We have lots already.  90 days after your loan   date your  loan comes due.  If you choose not to rewrite or pickup your items we'll get your items ready to put into stock.
Q:  How do you determine an items worth? 
A:  We look closely at your jewelry to determine  such things at the weight of precious metal and the size and quality of the stones.  Market conditions influence our decisions.  Age and condition of the jewelry also helps determine its value.
Q:  How do you determine the condition of an item? 
A:  The condition of an item is important in the event we have to resell the item.  We take into account the wear on the stones and the metal parts of the jewelry.
Q:  How do you determine the value of jewelry? 
A:  Ultimately the value of the piece is determined by our overall impression of the items.
Q:  How do you determine the price of gold? 
A:  We look at the daily spot gold market at the time you come into the store.  Gold value changes in the market place over time.
Q:  Can you give a quote on an item over the phone? 
A:  We might be able to give a rough estimate but much of what we do is determined only by observing the piece in person.
Q:  Why does the loan amount differ from the selling price at local retailers? 
A:  The amount we loan on an item is only a fraction of what it would sell for in a retail store. 
Q:  Is my collateral safe while in pawn? 
A:  Your collateral is locked safely away in our safe.
Q:  Are pawnshops regulated? 
A:  Pawn shops are strictly regulated by the State of Washington and the City of Bellevue.